Gracia Gardens

Address: Dennis Pritt, Kilimani    Reservation Line: +254 722 360 016

Restaurant and Lounge

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Gracia Gardens Restaurant and Lounge is a unique place to meet up with friends, loved ones and colleagues. We invite you into our relaxing and special atmosphere to enjoy a menu selection that is pleasantly beyond belief. Join us for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You can relax and rest while enjoying a choice of delicious coffees and teas, fruit juices and various drinks and snacks as you access wireless internet for free.

We draw on our experiences at some of the best restaurants in the country as well as the earliest lessons learned from our families. We seek the freshest ingredients. We test and retest new recipes until we have found just the right balance of flavors. We insist that every plate be a customized art that satisfies all the senses.

Kenya is main source of inspiration to us, and the menu at Gracia Gardens reflects this inspiration. Our flavor combinations are unique and new. This is what the art of cooking is all about.

We are proud to say that we inspire memories around holiday gatherings, wedding feats fit for king, and special dinners in honor of graduation or long-awaited retirement. Even in our daily lives, a delicious meal can turn a normal boring day into something memorable. We take proud in making these memories a permanent experience.

Come and join us for an experience what we’ve created – the perfect location for your first and last stops of the evening. Start early, finish late. We look forward to having you.

This is Gracia Gardens.